Open Source Spotlight: GIMP

Before we get started, yes, "GIMP" is a terrible name for software. It might help you to know that GIMP actually stands for "GNU Image Manipulation Program," but what is it? Well, basically, GIMP is a powerful, cross-platform image manipulation program on par with Adobe's significantly better known Photoshop that you can use to improve images and create original artwork. It has been used all over the world for over 20 years in both print and web design work as well as in science and film.

June Newsletter

We had several special classes last month that focused on the technology needs of Moms. In that same vein, this month we'll be offering a few classes for all you Dads out there, including:

  • Cellphones 101: Why Keeping It In Your Pocket, Turned Off, Kind of Defeats The Purpose
  • Two-Fingered Typing: Drills And Practice
  • Blu-ray Players: They Work Just Like DVD players! Really. And, No, The Disc Doesn't Have To Be Blue To Play. You Can Do This!

Use Dropbox For More Than Just File Syncing

It wasn't that long ago when Dropbox first launched in 2008 and seemed to change everything. Just a few years later, the cloud-based data storage service has become so ubiquitous and dependable that a lot of us take it for granted. Like the best technology, Dropbox just works and does a great job keeping us synchronized across multiple machines and over the web. Most of us are pretty happy with it, but what if Dropbox could do even more?

May Newsletter

Once again, all moms are invited to our annual Mother's Day class on May 8th.

Topics will include: 

  • How to get pictures from your camera to your tablet to your email then to that website
  • How to do that Photoshop thing like Judy's son does that always turns out so cute
  • How to use your smartphone to confirm that you're going to the Applebee's off Highway 7, not the other one

See you there, Mom! 

Also, enjoy our May newsletter.

CiviCon Colorado Is Almost Here

We've been enthusiastically mentioning the upcoming CiviCon Colorado 2016 in the last few months. Why? Well, T4T uses CiviCRM on a daily basis and has for years, so we believe in the platform. And, we were lucky enough to attend CiviCon last year, so we know it's a great, truly informative experience.

A Little More Detail About Our Excel Classes

We currently offer six Excel classes. The diagram below displays the most popular order a person would follow if starting from the beginning. There's more detail on each class listed below the diagram, as well. 

CiviCon Colorado: Early Bird Pricing Extended!

Early bird pricing registration has been extended to Friday, April 8th! Register now to attend the 2016 North American CiviCRM conference will be held in Fort Collins, CO from May 31 to June 8 and save a little money! Session tracks have been designed to meet the needs of beginners, administrators, implementers, and developers, so there is a skill track in place for every CiviCRM user!

For schedule, session, and registration information, visit

April Newsletter

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This is a joke: A farmer in the field with his cows counted 196 of them, but when he rounded them up he had 200.  

CiviCon Colorado: Call for Presenters

Have an idea for a session topic? Want to lead a discussion? Have a story to tell? Session submission is now open! CiviCon Colorado has many opportunities for sessions. We are looking for product based sessions geared toward users, implementers and CMS specific topics as well as community based sessions focused on growing and enhancing the CiviCRM community. Submit your session idea today!